Sunday, 16 November 2008


The fridge has emptied
beyond rescue.
Time for a restock
well overdue.
A few lonely eggs
still nestle in their tray,
contrasting prettily
against the surrounding sterility.


tanuj solanki said...

it is a global recession :)


i am sorry i guess my comment fails to do justice to the serious tone in the poem...

you have shown how some can find sadness in anything...

Jillian said...

Hi Tanuj. It wasn't meant to sound that serious, so thanks for pointing that out:)I suppose I was likening the fridge to the body of a 44 year old woman (me) in it's near-barrenness. Then again, that is quite sad on a personal level:/

Calder said...

I enjoyed this little piece, lots of thoughts... why did the chicken cross, dang I am hungry, I wonder how many eggs we have, life is but an egg, I wish I had a tray to nestle... Great read Jillian!


Will said...

A great analogy for a woman who's getting broody (so my wife tells me!)

Calder said...

Merry Christmas Jillian. Have a great holiday!!!

Peace and Love!!